Meet the Team

After leaving the big corporate world through his life in Africa and all the way to London, Mario went back to pursue his love for natural wood craftsmanship and design. He began creating his first pieces of furniture in a small shop and laid the ground for what MOKU is today.

Having fallen in love with the material, he was naturally driven to learning more about the production process and the technology involved. He draws inspiration from Scandinavian and Japanese masters, but above all from the furniture design language of the 1950s and 60s.

To him, the natural quality of wood, its colours and uniqueness, represent an infinite space for creativity and development.

Lidija graduated from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, majoring in Architecture and Urbanism.

Since 2013 she has travelled the world, East to West, but her love of design brought her back to Technical Arts, and the design of lamps, furniture and decorative accessories, mostly made of wood.

She enjoys sarcastic humour and music, in which she finds her inspiration.

Currently, she is working towards her PhD and she hopes you will find a reflection of yourself and your very own artistic flair in her designs.

Strahinja graduated from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, majoring in Architecture and Urbanism, where he is currently pursuing a PhD. During his studies, he collaborated with the likes of Marc Joubert from MVRDV. He participated in many exhibitions locally and in Europe, as well as the national representative selection for the Venice Architecture Biennale.

His love of design and applied arts harkens back to his childhood days when he would make origami cranes and draw train engines. These early interests, as well as his time spent in Scandinavia, informed his balance of ‘ethics and aesthetics, which he applies to all his projects… because the purpose of every design is to make people happy.