Handcrafted For LifeStyle

Artisan furniture made from natural, responsibly sourced wood, each piece preserving the beauty and soul of nature itself.

We aspire to create furniture that evokes emotion, and brings a sense of calm and warmth to your home.

Sleek, exquisite, and strong, our pieces are created by minimally altering nature’s own design – craftsmanship reimagined  through nature.

Media Mentions

We at Moku are proud to be featured in the print issues of The World of Interiors, British Vogue, House&Garden… It is an honor and a privilege to be recognized for our timeless aesthetic of Scandinavian minimalism and Japanese philosophy, and a steadfast encouragement for our master craftsmen in their dedication to creating beautiful pieces of furniture art.

moku artisan furniture media mentions


We combine the principles of Japanese philosophy with Scandinavian contemporary design to make unique handcrafted furniture that is both elegant and functional.

Made from the finest wood and crafted with painstaking attention to detail, it represents the art of woodworking at its finest.

Our artisan pieces are timeless, both in terms of quality, and lasting beauty of their design.

giving back to nature

Nature is our heritage – and it is our duty to protect it.

Nature provides us with the finest materials to craft our furniture – and we’d like to give back.

With every piece of furniture sold – we plant a walnut tree.

All planted trees will have unique tags, and we will keep you updated on how strong your tree is growing, twice a year.

design team

Meet our designers at MOKU!

We are an artisan furniture manufacturer dedicated to handcrafting beautiful, and durable pieces to enrich your home.

It all begins with the perfect design – Lidija, Mario and Strahinja are here to help You choose your piece and customize it to your needs.

Read more about their diverse paths that converged at MOKU, joined together by the love of wood and the joy of creating beautiful things.


Looking to order your custom piece, or simply to consult with us about what fits your needs best?

Contact us, we love to hear from you.